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BIF Fundamentals

This article discusses three BIF fundamentals and shares some recent photographs captured handheld during the same visit to LaSalle Park in Burlington Ontario. These three fundamentals are common with a wide range of photography genres: knowledge of the subject, physical skills, and camera gear attributes. Of course there are nuances when it comes to BIF (birds-in-flight).

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Mid-Air Altercations

This article discusses photographing mid-air altercations using a combination of Bird Detection AI Subject Tracking and Pro Capture L. When I was thinking about creating this article I had very mixed emotions. On one hand I wanted to share the approach that I used to capture these images with readers. On the other hand,  I was very hesitant to share these photographs as they are of very marginal quality.

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High ISO Crops

This article features high ISO crops of some handheld photographs I originally captured back in June 2019 shortly after I acquired my Olympus gear. I shoot my E-M1X up to ISO-6400 when required but seldom use ISO values above that. So, most of these photographs fall firmly in the test category.

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Technique and Shot Discipline

This article shares some new images of ducks in flight and discusses technique and shot discipline. Unlike many of my photography field sessions that are focused on practicing a specific technique, my recent outing was to practice my shot discipline. This type of practice session always yields significantly more keepers than I can possibly use, and I ended up deleting many hundreds of perfectly useable files.

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Photographing Multiple BIF

This article discusses some of the considerations that can be used when photographing multiple BIF (birds-in-flight). As photographers each of us has our own objectives and preferred approach to creating images.

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Photographic By-products

When I’m out with my camera I often have a specific objective in mind… but sometimes Mother Nature surprises me with some unexpected photographic by-products.  Such was the case with the images of ducks in flight featured in this article.

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BIF No Crop Practice Images

This article shares some BIF no crop practice images which were captured during a recent visit to LaSalle Park in Burlington Ontario. At certain times of the year Southern Ontario has a more limited number of bird species to photograph. Rather than view this as a negative I try to use the available birds as good practice subjects.

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Flying During a Snowfall

This article shares a selection of handheld images captured a few day ago of ducks flying during a snowfall at Grimsby harbour. As regular readers know I enjoy pushing my camera gear from time to time just to see what will happen.

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Egret Preening

During an early morning visit to Hendrie Valley last fall I was fortunate to come across an egret preening in some softer light. Lighting like this is helpful when photographing white birds in terms of capturing more feather details. This article discusses some of the decisions that I made when capturing these photographs, and also when I was working on them in post.

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Swan Landing on Snow

This article features 31 consecutive handheld images showing a swan landing on snow at LaSalle Park in Burlington Ontario. We had a major snowstorm on Monday last week that dumped about 45 cm (~17.7 inches) of snow on the town in which I live. Some quite cold temperatures followed the storm. As a result I hadn’t been out with my camera for a number of days.

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