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Winter Lakeside Scenes with HDR2

Yesterday I drove along the southern shore of Lake Ontario and stopped at a few locations to capture some winter lakeside scenes with HDR2 (high dynamic range). There was a good amount of snow and ice along the shore of the lake, coupled with some very harsh sunlight. So, I decided to do some test images using my E-M1X’s HDR2 technology.

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Live ND Creative Motion Test

This article discusses a Live ND creative motion test that I did earlier today and shares some corresponding images. Most of us who have cameras that have the Live ND feature typically use it to create ‘smooth water’ images of waterfalls and streams.

There are many other subjects where Live ND can be used to create some interesting creative motion effects. The images in this article were created at the miniature train display at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington Ontario.

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Working a Scene

If time permits, working a scene can be very beneficial in terms of helping to train ourselves to look at a variety of composition options. This article features a selection of images captured at the Western Brook Pond Tour departure area. The objective is simply to illustrate how a specific subject can be incorporated into a composition in a number of different ways. All of the images featured in this article were captured with the M.Zuiko PRO 12-100 mm f/4 IS zoom.

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Twillingate Visit

This article shares some images captured in the Twillingate area of  Newfoundland during our recent self-drive photography tour. All of the photographs in this article were captured with the M.Zuiko PRO 12-100 f/4 IS zoom.

One of the primary objectives of our visit was to view icebergs and participate in a boat tour. We also explored some of the surrounding area and had a noteworthy stay at the Viking Vacation Home. As regular readers know, over the past nine years or so we have only highlighted accommodations on two other occasions on this website. More on that at the end of this article.

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Photographing Icebergs

Seeing and photographing icebergs was one of the experiences on the top of my wife’s wish list when we recently visited Newfoundland. This article shares some of our images and discusses a few things to keep in mind when photographing icebergs.

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Pro 12-100 Review

This article provides some insights and observations regarding  the M.Zuiko PRO 12-100 mm f/4 IS zoom in the form of a hands-on review. Our lens was purchased almost three years ago. So… a fair amount of time has elapsed which helped me formulate this assessment.

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Newfoundland Whimsy

This article features a selection of images that capture examples of Newfoundland whimsy that we discovered during our recent visit to the province. One of the things my wife and I enjoy when doing a photography tour is finding some whimsy along the way. These creative expressions can often say a lot about the culture and attitude of the destination that is being visited.

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