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Benefits of Cooperation and Communication

When it comes to nature photography I’ve found that people tend to fall into one of two basic groups. The first group is highly protective of their knowledge base when it comes to wildlife locations, camera settings used, shooting technique etc. The second group is open and approachable, and is willing to help other photographers grow in their craft. This short article shares some examples of the benefits of cooperation and communication. Continue reading Benefits of Cooperation and Communication

Anticipating Bird Behaviour

As folks who enjoy bird photography can attest, anticipating bird behaviour takes quite a bit of observation time as well as some understanding of the environment in which you are shooting. While many birds still puzzle me, this short article shares some images when I correctly anticipated bird behaviour.  Continue reading Anticipating Bird Behaviour

Mother and Pup at Surat Bay

This short article features some images of a New Zealand fur seal and its pup, captured hand-held at Surat Bay New Zealand during our month-long March 2018 field trip. While I did photograph a few other specimen that were on this same stretch of beach, this mother and pup at Surat Bay were one of the highlights of our trip. Continue reading Mother and Pup at Surat Bay

Nikon 1 eBook Announced: The Little Camera That Could

After many months in development we are pleased to announce the publication of our Nikon 1 eBook: The Little Camera That Could.
This 210-page eBook discusses various aspects of the Nikon 1 camera system and showcases the capability of the Nikon 1 system with over 450 original photographs.  Continue reading Nikon 1 eBook Announced: The Little Camera That Could