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Nikon 1 Kit Update

It certainly has been interesting to hear from a wide range of Nikon 1 owners during the past few months since the Nikon 1 system was discontinued.  I’ve received numerous emails from many existing owners who are adding to their Nikon 1 kits as a future proofing strategy.  Perhaps surprisingly, I’ve also been getting quite a few emails from people who have only recently discovered the Nikon 1 system and are buying into it while new and used gear is still available. Since a number of people have been asking me what I’ve been up to with my gear, I thought it would be timely to provide readers with a Nikon 1 kit update of my own. Continue reading Nikon 1 Kit Update

Zoom lenses to create a Nikon 1 Trinity

Regardless of the camera format that I’ve owned I’ve always preferred to use zoom lenses for still photography. Since I now shoot exclusively with the Nikon 1 system I thought it may be fun to write an article on my pick of lenses for an ‘unofficial’ Nikon 1 trinity. Continue reading Zoom lenses to create a Nikon 1 Trinity

Capturing images of geese in flight

Capturing images of geese in flight is often how many photographers begin to develop their BIF technique.  Geese make ideal subjects since they are large, slower flying birds. Their flight patterns tend to be in reasonably straight lines and they often announce their approach with a chorus of honking, allowing us to get prepared to take some photographs of them. Continue reading Capturing images of geese in flight

Choosing a Nikon 1 All-in-One Zoom Lens

It is always important to consider your style of shooting and lens availability before selecting an interchangeable lens camera. Sometimes manufacturers make it difficult to choose lenses even after you’ve made your initial camera body purchase.  This is the case for Nikon 1 owners. They have a few different ‘all-in-one’ zoom options to consider. This article discusses some considerations when choosing a Nikon 1 all-in-one zoom lens. Continue reading Choosing a Nikon 1 All-in-One Zoom Lens

Post-processing of landscape images

Capturing landscape images can be a challenge when using many cameras with smaller sensors like the Nikon 1 system or M4/3. Rather than go into specific details with a step-by-step approach this article is intended to provide some general thoughts on post-processing of landscape images taken with small sensor cameras. Continue reading Post-processing of landscape images