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Mark III to OM-1 Upgrade

I’ve had a few readers reach out to discuss a potential E-M1 Mark III to OM-1 upgrade that they are considering. This article provides some general thoughts about this specific decision that I’ve shared with those readers. Since my wife and I are perfectly happy with the
E-M1 Mark III she is using for her photographic needs, the OM-1 is not on our radar at all. Having said that, I’ll do my best to set our personal needs aside and be as non-judgemental as possible when discussing a potential upgrade from an E-M1 Mark III to an OM-1.

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OM-1 Upgrade Decision

Many M4/3 photographers are facing an OM-1 upgrade decision, and other folks are seriously considering a move to M4/3 with OM System gear because of the OM-1. It really comes down to how well the OM-1 fits your specific needs and whether you can justify the purchase for the type of photography/videography that you do.

This article outlines my personal decision and is not meant to tell readers what they should, or should not do. Opening your wallet to buy new camera gear is a decision that only you can make.

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