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Pigeons with Lasso Tool

This article features some handheld images of pigeons taking flight which have been adjusted with the Lasso Tool in PhotoShop. Folks who enjoy photographing birds-in-flight often have opportunities where birds are perched on human-made objects. These can sometimes detract from an image.

This article discusses some considerations on how to compose these types of images, and remove the distracting elements with the Lasso Tool in PhotoShop. All of the images featured in this article were captured handheld in my backyard in less than 25 minutes.

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Blue Jay Pond Take-off

This article shares some blue jay pond take-off photographs and discusses how birds can signal their intention to take flight. Some commentary about the use of Pro Capture is also included. These images were photographed handheld through my kitchen window.

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Hawk Taking Flight

This article features 15 consecutive Pro Capture H images of a Sharp-shinned hawk taking flight in my backyard. My wife noticed the hawk landing on the pergola at the rear of our yard and called out to me. All I had time to do was grab my camera from the family room and quickly capture this image run through my kitchen window.

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Watch The Second Bird

This article discusses the potential importance of watching the second bird in a pair, after the first bird has taken flight. More often than not, the second bird will also take flight and follow the flight path of the first bird. This gives photographers a great opportunity to catch the other bird taking flight… especially if they missed the action with first bird.

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