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Special Moment at ISO-10000

Back in May of this year I captured a special moment at ISO-10000 when doing a high ISO test at Biggar Lagoon Wetlands in Grimsby.  Earlier in the day I had been successful photographing swallows in flight. It was getting later in the afternoon so I decided to change my approach and try some test images of swallows at ISO-10000 before I headed for home.

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OM-D E-M1X Battery Life Test

As part of my ongoing evaluation of some Olympus Loaner Gear I went out yesterday to conduct an OM-D E-M1X battery life test. During other field tests I have been surprised with the battery life in the OM-D E-M1X. So, I decided it was time to spend some time doing a battery life test.

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E-M1X Swallows in Flight Images

On Saturday of this past weekend I spent about 2.5 hours photographing swallows in flight. As readers who enjoy bird photography can attest, capturing images of these small ‘pocket rockets’ is a very challenging pastime. Saturday was the most successful swallows-in-flight photography outing that I have ever had. Rather than share just a smattering of photographs, this article contains a total of 24 E-M1X swallows in flight images. I could have shared a lot more… but I thought 2 dozen images would be plenty for this posting.

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Photographing Swallows in Flight Using AF-A

This short article features some test images captured while photographing swallows in flight using AF-A (Auto-Select AF) with Auto-area. If you’re like me, you may find photographing small, erratically-flying birds like swallows very challenging. This article features some initial test images with aggressive cropping used throughout…so be forewarned that image quality isn’t what I would ideally want. Continue reading Photographing Swallows in Flight Using AF-A