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Tern Doing Mid Air Shake

Terns are one of the most common birds and various species can be found in many locations around the world. Since terns often dive to catch fish they can be regularly seen shaking momentarily while in flight. This helps the birds shed themselves of excess water on their feathers. This article shares photographs from an AF-C run of a tern doing a mid air shake. Continue reading Tern Doing Mid Air Shake

Tern Retrieving a Fish in Mid-Air

During a recent visit to the Hendrie Valley Sanctuary I was photographing terns in flight and fishing. While capturing a typical AF-C run I was lucky to be able to photograph a tern retrieving a fish in mid-air. The photographs in this short article are aggressive crops so I apologize in advance for the image quality.  Continue reading Tern Retrieving a Fish in Mid-Air