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Incorporating a Foreground Element

Incorporating a foreground element in our compositions is an important way to add a feeling of depth to our landscape images. This approach, combined with our choice of focal length and aperture can help create deep depth-of-field.

Since more people are resuming travel that was interrupted by a couple of years of COVID-19 lockdowns, we thought a quick review of some landscape photography fundamentals may be helpful.

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Benefits of Catch-as-Catch-Can Travel Photography

As photographers we may have different views on how to approach travel photography. Some folks like to allow multiple days to photograph key locations. This increases their chances of having ideal conditions. No doubt this can contribute to some truly spectacular photographs. It’s likely that this level of photographic quality wouldn’t have been possible if lighting and weather had been left to chance. A completely different approach is to purposely allow oneself to be at the mercy of Mother Nature’s whims. This article discusses the benefits of ‘catch-as-catch-can’ travel photography.

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The Little Camera That Could: Travel ~ Greece

We’d like to thank the many readers from all over the world that have already purchased a copy of The Little Camera That Could – we appreciate your support! To provide folks with more insights on the content of our Nikon 1 eBook, I will be publishing a small selection of content areas over the next week or so. The first instalment is the Travel ~ Greece section. This segment shares some photographs captured in Greece with a Nikon 1 V2 and provides some commentary on the experience.

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Relax…it’s just a camera

As major photography shows draw near many photographers seem to get an extra dose of GAS in their bodies as they ponder what may, or may not, be introduced by their brand of choice. I received a number of emails over the past couple of weeks with the most common question being, “What will you do if the Nikon 1 system is discontinued?” After thinking about it for a few minutes my reply was quite simple, “Relax…it’s just a camera.” Continue reading Relax…it’s just a camera