Canadian Reader 5% Gear Discounts

Due to our great relationship with the folks at Amplis Canada, all of our Canadian readers can take advantage of a special 5% discount when they purchase from the Amplis Store.

Amplis logo

All you have to do is enter the Promotional Code AMPLIS52018TS in the space provided. See the screen shot below.

Amplis discount code

Amplis Canada has a wide selection of gear including the following:

– Lenses from Tamron and Rokinon

– Tripods and heads from Vanguard

– Bags from Miggo and Vanguard

– Flashes from Cactus, Gossen, Metz and Quantum

– Lighting from Aurora, Gossen, Lumiquest and Visatec

– Filters from Rodenstock

– Accessories from Brno, Cineroid, Cocoon Innovations, Education, GenusTech, Holga, Vanguard Accessories, Vanguard Optics and Visible Dust

– Printing and Presentation materials from Awagami, Goframe, Hahnemuhle, Ilford Galerie, Ilford Photo, Kentmere, Omnijet, Rotatrim, Stick N Stretch

– Adventure Gear from Idapt, Lynx Hooks, McNett, Motorheadphones, and Stone River Gear

Plus, you can take advantage of specials in the Outlet Section:
Gift Guide
Kata Bags
Refurbished Tamron
Visible Dust

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