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This article advises readers of some late breaking website support changes in terms of PayPal and Buy Me a Coffee. As regular readers will know we recently added Buy Me a Coffee to this website at the first of November 2021. We deeply appreciate the many people who used this method to support our work.

On December 2nd we received an email from one of the founders of Buy Me a Coffee advising that they would be discontinuing their relationship with PayPal. This was critical for us since PayPal is the sole payment method that we have been using on this website for many years.

According to Buy Me a Coffee, this change was based on a decision made by PayPal. Additionally, Buy Me a Coffee indicated that they had done everything they could for several months to avoid their relationship with PayPal ending.

We were offered two other payment methods to receive our donations from readers. Neither of the options offered was acceptable to us, so we decided to cancel our listing on Buy Me a Coffee. This involved removing the Buy Me a Coffee buttons from our November articles, and deactivating our Buy Me a Coffee account. These changes were done on December 3rd.

As we all know, change is constant. And, sometimes good things can emerge from change. As it turns out PayPal has made some interesting changes to the donation options available to creators. As a result we can now offer our readers more website support choices.

If you click on the Donate button below you will find that there are now three donation options: $7.50, $10.00 and $20.00. All are in Canadian funds. Plus, you have the option to choose a different amount if you want. You can also increase your donation amount to help offset our costs associated with accepting your donation through PayPal. You can also make an ongoing, monthly contribution to support our work,

You can make your donation through your PayPal account, or by using a number of credit card options.


We have never accepted advertising or money for paid editorial content on this website… and never will. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, clutter free, respectful, and safe photographic environment for our readers.

We hope you’ll view these website support changes, and the increased options now available, in a positive manner.

In January this photography blog will start its eighth year. That would not have been possible without your support and generosity over the years. Please accept our heartfelt thanks! We hope to continue on this journey with all of you for many years to come.

Canadian Reader discounts and Copyright Information

As a reminder to our Canadian readers, you can get a special 5% discount when ordering Tamron or Rokinon lenses and other products directly from the Amplis Store. Be sure to use my discount code when you make your purchase.

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Article is Copyright 2021 Thomas Stirr.  All rights reserved. No use, duplication or adaptation of any kind is allowed without written consent. If you see this article reproduced anywhere else it is an unauthorized and illegal use. Posting comments on offending websites and calling out individuals who steal intellectual property is always appreciated!

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