Why there will never be advertising on my photography blog

It is always interesting to get emails from readers. This week I had a reader ask if and when I would be ‘monetizing’ this  website with paid advertising. That email was the creative spark for this article which explains why there will never be paid advertising on my photography blog.

Obviously it costs money to run a blog or website of any sort. I suppose the ultimate goal of many bloggers is to attract a large enough audience so they can make a good living from their share of internet advertising revenues. The bigger the audience, the bigger the potential payout from advertising.

Does this blog have an audience large enough for it to be ‘monetized’? Probably.

In the short two and a half years that it has been in existence this photography blog has generated millions of page views, and many more millions of clicks. Our reader base continues to expand and all of the the statistics that advertisers want to see, are growing year-over-year. Even so…on a comparative basis this photography blog is still very small. So, while I have never formally investigated monetizing this website with paid advertising, the potential to do so certainly does exist.

I can’t comment on the strategy of other websites. My goal was never to build my photography blog with the intent of making advertising revenue from it.

It is more important to me to keep the graphic presentation of my photography blog clean and neat, rather than cluttering it up with paid advertising. I have long wondered whether readers question the integrity of the content of blogs that have paid advertising plastered all over them.

These two considerations – a clean, neat, graphic approach – and reader confidence in content integrity – are the fundamental reasons why you’ll never see advertising on my photography blog…regardless of how much the readership here may grow in the future.

I do make a little bit of money from my affiliate relationships with B&H and Amplis Canada. Certainly not anywhere near enough to cover my blog operating costs. Other companies have approached me about becoming their affiliates as well. I have turned down all of these approaches.

Last year we made a decision to change how we handled credit card orders on our poster and print web site, moving over to PayPal. This change also enabled us to incorporate a PayPal ‘donate’ button here, on this photography blog. We very much appreciate the donations that our readers have made to this blog over the past year!

So, you will never have to worry about my photography blog becoming cluttered with advertising and/or paid commercial messages disguised as ‘reviews’. You also need not worry about ever being asked to buy a paid subscription to this website. That has never been, and never will be, my intent with this photography blog.

To be upfront, the effort that I’ve put into this photography blog over the past few years has not been an altruistic exercise. I certainly hope to generate some ongoing income through my writing and photography efforts. This is anticipated to come from readers purchasing various photography-related e-books that I currently have under development. Assuming of course that readers see value in those publications. You will see some of these e-books being announced in the months ahead.

Some of you may have been following my YouTube channel in the past. If so, you will be aware that many of my earlier videos were monetized through Google. I haven’t put any new content up on my YouTube channel for over a year. Should I decide to continue with my YouTube channel, any future YouTube videos that I may produce will not be monetized going forward.

Thank you one and all for the support you have given me over the past few years. I deeply appreciate your ongoing readership, encouragement, and comments. You can rest assured that I will continue to do my best to respond to your comments. I also remain dedicated to maintaining this photography blog as a respectful place you can visit.

As a reminder to our Canadian readers, you can get a special 5% discount when ordering Tamron or Rokinon lenses and other products directly from the Amplis Store.

Article Copyright 2017 Thomas Stirr. All rights reserved. No use adaptation or reproduction of any kind, including electronic or digital, is allowed without written consent.

12 thoughts on “Why there will never be advertising on my photography blog”

  1. Inspirational results from your NIkon 1 cameras / lenses.
    Thanks for a great website. Your efforts are appreciated.
    The lack of advertising is a nice bonus. Thanks again.
    Happy New Year

  2. Just made a small donation: thanks for keeping our site advertising free. As a Nikon 1 V3 user I have learned a lot from your blogs. Thanks again. (sorry for posting comment in two places, my bad)

  3. In a cluttered and greedy world, you and your blog/website is a breath of fresh air, Tom.

    Thank you for your honesty, authenticity, expertise, and all around kindness. These qualities are exhibited beautifully at Photography Life as well, where you contribute so richly.

    Keep up the good work. Much appreciated!


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