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Is photography therapeutic?

Countless millions of people around the world enjoy photography for a variety of reasons. For some it is simply an enjoyable hobby. Others find it to be stimulating from a creative standpoint. Many people enjoy it as it helps them create a treasured family record of special events, as well as every day occurrences. A question popped into my mind recently: Is photography therapeutic? Continue reading Is photography therapeutic?

Ignore ‘Must Have’ Gear Advice

Like most photographers I’ve experienced bouts of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), with some of it induced by listening to the advice of others. I don’t know what your experiences have been. Mine have led me to the conclusion that the best thing for me to do is to simply ignore ‘must have’ gear advice from others, each and every time I hear it. Continue reading Ignore ‘Must Have’ Gear Advice

Manufacturer and measured ISO

When a new camera model is introduced many photographers pour over its specifications looking for technical advancements. One aspect that draws a lot of attention is the range of ISO settings that are available.  Seeing ever-increasing native ISO-settings looks great. But, is your camera actually shooting RAW files at the ISO you set? The differences between manufacturer-stated ISO and measured ISO may surprise you. Continue reading Manufacturer and measured ISO

Reasons we overspend on camera gear

During a rather brisk walk this afternoon my brain was rattling around in my skull and it occurred to me that I’ve overspent on camera gear a few times in my life. I figured it was logical for me to assume that other folks likely have as well. I began to muse about the reasons we overspend on camera gear which led to this article. Continue reading Reasons we overspend on camera gear

Where should you put your upgrade money?

There are always lots of opinions about specific new camera bodies and lenses. A perpetual stream of new equipment introductions directly fuels gear acquisition syndrome, and many folks get glandular as they read about the latest and greatest technology. “Where should you put your upgrade money?” is a question on a lot of photographers’ minds these days. Continue reading Where should you put your upgrade money?