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Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Tomorrow, July 1st 2017, is a milestone for Canada…the country’s 150th birthday! Since the majority of our readers are from outside of Canada, I thought some folks may like to read a short summary about Canada and some notable Canadians. I’ve added a few images to provide some visual breaks for readers…all were captured in Canada. Continue reading Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Answers to questions about my Copyright statement

Its very strange that from time to time I will receive a flurry of questions, usually via email, all about the same topic during a very short time frame. There never seems to be any particular reason for these batches of questions to suddenly appear. For some reason during the past few days I’ve had over a dozen questions from my readers about the Copyright statement that I use on my articles. This brief article provides some answers to the three basic questions I’ve received. Continue reading Answers to questions about my Copyright statement

The Negative Effects of Gear Elitism

Like many photographers I regularly meet people when I’m out capturing images who also enjoy photography. Often times people ask each other what gear they are using. I’m frequently surprised when I hear folks begin their answer with the phrase “I’m only using a…” It causes me to wonder how gear elitism may be affecting photography in general and the camera market in particular.  Continue reading The Negative Effects of Gear Elitism

Relax…it’s just a camera

As major photography shows draw near many photographers seem to get an extra dose of GAS in their bodies as they ponder what may, or may not, be introduced by their brand of choice. I received a number of emails over the past couple of weeks with the most common question being, “What will you do if the Nikon 1 system is discontinued?” After thinking about it for a few minutes my reply was quite simple, “Relax…it’s just a camera.” Continue reading Relax…it’s just a camera

Reconnecting with camera gear

From time to time I fall into a habit of only using certain lenses and overlooking other ones that are in my bag. Recently I was out doing some extension tube testing and I only brought my 1 Nikon 30-110 mm f/3.8-5.6 with me as this is my ‘go to’ lens for this application. I hadn’t used this lens as a regular telephoto zoom for quite a while. Circumstances led me to Bird Kingdom where I ended up using the 1 Nikon 30-110 mm without extension tubes to capture some bird images. The experience reminded me of the importance of reconnecting with camera gear we may not have used in a while. Continue reading Reconnecting with camera gear