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Pre-Flight Crouch

This article features a woodpecker doing a pre-flight crouch. A few readers who are starting to pursue bird photography have sent me emails and asked how a bird signals it is about to take flight. I thought these woodpecker images could help illustrate the pre-flight crouch that is commonly used by small birds.

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Redefine What is Possible

It is interesting to contemplate how technology can redefine what is possible with photography. We all know how cell phone imaging has been decimating the camera market for the past decade or so. With all of the hype about full frame cameras these days, we seem to forget that cell phones have become globally dominant while using tiny sensors. Imaging technology like computational photography has been driving much of the success of cell phones.

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Cardinals taking flight from twigs

This article shows some examples of cardinals taking flight from twigs. This photographic scenario can be difficult to handle. Often the auto-focusing of our cameras can get confused between a subject bird and the surrounding branches or twigs. It also can be challenging in terms of timing our shutter release. The Olympus Pro Capture H mode is a very good solution.

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Add Context with an Image Run

As photographers we are always looking for ‘the shot’ when we capture images of birds. Sometimes the action that happened just before, or just after ‘the shot’… can help define it. Often we can add context by showing an image run. This can be important when doing a presentation at a camera club or discussing photographs with associates. Let’s start by looking at a single photograph taken part way through an image run.

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