Three Hour Walk in Historic Charleston

The final thing my wife and I did before returning home from our trip to South Carolina was to drive down to Charleston. We had not seen the city for well over 15 years, but still had very fond memories of our previous visit. After getting some pamphlets at the information centre we headed out for a three hour walk in historic Charleston. Continue reading Three Hour Walk in Historic Charleston

Photographing reptiles behind glass

For some reason I always seem to be drawn to the reptile displays when I visit zoos and similar facilities. Maybe it is their dinosaur-like appearance or some deep, primal fear I have that causes me to be intrigued. During a recent visit to Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach I spent some time photographing reptiles behind glass enclosures in one of the display buildings. Continue reading Photographing reptiles behind glass

Francis Beider Forest at Four Holes Swamp

My wife and I have visited South Carolina a number of times in the past but we never took the opportunity to visit the Francis Beider Forest at Four Holes Swamp. After picking up some information at a state information centre we decided this was the year to take the trip down to Harleyville to have an authentic swamp experience at Beider Forest. Continue reading Francis Beider Forest at Four Holes Swamp

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