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Nikon 1 J4 underwater photography

During my recent vacation in Cuba I had the opportunity to try my Nikon 1 J4 doing some underwater photography, using it with the Nikon 1 WP-N3 waterproof housing. This was a very interesting experience for me as I had never done any underwater photography in the past.

I’d like to extend special thanks to fellow vacationers Joe Szanyi from Canada, and Roy from Britain, for giving me some tips on where to find these fish to photograph.

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Working with festive light images in post

Everyone has their own approach when they work with various software programs to do post processing of their RAW files.  I don’t think there is a ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’ to process files. The process is one of individual choice based on the vision of the photographer.

Working with festive light images in post can sometimes be a fun exercise! This article shares some of the things that I did with some images featured in a recent article. Continue reading Working with festive light images in post

Post-processing of landscape images

Capturing landscape images can be a challenge when using many cameras with smaller sensors like the Nikon 1 system or M4/3. Rather than go into specific details with a step-by-step approach this article is intended to provide some general thoughts on post-processing of landscape images taken with small sensor cameras. Continue reading Post-processing of landscape images

Cropping images of birds-in-flight with the Rule of Thirds

As photographers we all do our best to really think about the composition of our images and construct them to achieve a sense of balance. When we do this well we are able to control eye flow and create a pleasant viewing experience for people looking at our photographs. To accomplish that we often use the Rule of Thirds in our compositions. Obviously this is much easier to utilize when photographing static subjects such as landscapes and much more difficult to achieve when our subjects are moving. Continue reading Cropping images of birds-in-flight with the Rule of Thirds

Using DxO ClearView to Help Correct “Cage Haze”

If you’re like me one of the most frustrating things that can happen when at a zoo or similar type of facility is to get a faint ‘cage haze’ on parts of our images. This is often caused when we can’t get quite close enough to the mesh on the cage to be able to shoot past it and it forms some ghosting on our photograph. Continue reading Using DxO ClearView to Help Correct “Cage Haze”

Using DxO Smart Lighting

After writing my recent article Birds-in-Flight Images with Nikon 1 V3, it occurred to me how helpful using DxO OpticsPro 10 was in processing the RAW files for the article, and specifically the DxO Smart Lighting function. The DxO Smart Lighting function is designed to adjust the dynamic range in an image. This brief article shows a quick example of the impact of using DxO Smart Lighting. Continue reading Using DxO Smart Lighting